Section 1. The club shall hold one meeting per month on a date selected by the officers and board of directors. Ten percent (10%) of the qualified voting members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, except that twenty percent (20%) of the qualified voting members shall be required to constitute a quorum for consideration of changes in the charter or by-laws. At any appropriate time or place, the President may call a meeting of Officers and Board of Directors. Additional meetings may be called at the request of five percent (5%) of qualified voting members. At each meeting there will be a report of the previous meeting.

Section 2. The annual Election shall be in November. The date to be set by the Board of Directors. The installation of newly elected Officers and Directors shall be held on a date to be decided upon by the President and Board of Directors, but not later than 30 days after the election.



Section 1. Any person 18 years of age or over, shall be eligible for membership providing they are employed regularly in the transportation industry or transportation, distribution or logistics area of commercial industry.

Section 2. Life Members will be nominated by the Board of Directors and elected by a majority vote of the membership present at any regular meeting and shall pay no dues. Life Membership will be granted only to retired members upon written request of said members. Life Members shall be entitled to all privileges of membership including the right to vote.

Section 3. (Application for Membership) All applications for membership must be made to the Secretary-Treasurer on forms furnished therefore, and must be accompanied by the annual dues in advance (see section 4) and provided the application bears the endorsement of two members in good standing.

Section 4. (Dues) Dues for Members of $25.00 per year as provided in Article 2, Section 3, shall be due and payable November 1 of each year.

Section 5. (Delinquencies) Any member whose dues or assessments or other financial obligations to the club remain unpaid for ninety days automatically ceases to be a member and forfeits all rights and privileges of the club. Notice of automatic change of status or suspension shall be mailed to said member.



Section 1. The office of President and Vice President shall be elected annually by ballot on the day of election for a term of one (1) year.

Section 2. (A) Six Directors shall be elected at the annual election to serve one (1) year. (B) The retiring President shall automatically become a member of the Board of Directors at the expiration of his term and serve in the capacity the ensuing year. (C) The Editor of the newsletter shall automatically be a voting Member of the Board of Directors and serve in this capacity during his appointment.

Section 3. Promptly after the new officers assume their duties, the President will call a meeting of the Officers and Directors and elect a Secretary-Treasurer, who is to be chosen from the membership by a majority vote and shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors. The Officers and Directors shall have authority to declare vacant the Office of Secretary-Treasurer. The Secretary-Treasurer will not be required to pay dues and will be compensated for his services by a monthly sum fixed by the Officers and Directors.

Section 4. The President shall appoint annually three (3) meetings prior to the annual election a Committee of three (3) Members who shall select and nominate some of the more active members to serve as Officers and members of the Board of Directors. Said Committee shall nominate more than one (1) person for each position if possible. Said slate of Officers and Directors shall be presented to membership one (1) meeting prior to the annual election. Additional nominations shall be accepted at said meeting provided nominee is present and receives a qualified second.

Section 5. (A) Qualifications of Candidates will require membership in the club for a period of six months immediately preceding their nomination.

(B) No nomination shall be made until permission of the prospective nominees has been secured and their eligibility shown.

Section 6. (A) The election shall be by ballot, and shall be held by a committee of three members, which committee shall be appointed by the President. Votes must be cast in person (See B.). The polls shall be open on the night of the annual election, at such hours as the Officers and Directors may designate. Immediately after the close of the polls, the committee shall count the ballots and certify the results over their signatures to the President, who shall announce the results, but not the number of votes received by each candidate, and declare those in nomination receiving the highest number of votes elected. In event of a tie vote, a new vote will be held by those members still present. Any member delinquent in payment of dues at the time of the annual election shall not be eligible to vote or run for office.

(B) Absentee voting shall be permitted providing requests for said ballots be made to the Secretary-Treasurer at least two (2) weeks prior to election, and provided absentee ballots are to be counted and processed with regular ballots on election night.


VACANCIES (A) All vacancies occurring during the year in office of President, Vice President or Directors by resignation or otherwise, shall be filled from the active membership by the Officers and Directors.

(B) Any person desiring to resign from the club may do so with the understanding that no part of their dues will be refunded.



Section 1. The President, or in his absence, the Vice President shall preside at all annual or regular meetings of the club. In the absence of the President and Vice President, the Members of the Board of Directors present shall select one of their own members to preside.

Section 2. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep and preserve a record of the proceedings of the club, and of the Board of Directors, and all matters of which a record shall be deemed advisable by the Board of Directors; conduct the general correspondence of the club, issue notices, record the list of members and shall keep intact all dues and other funds of the club. Disbursements by the Secretary-Treasurer shall execute a surety bond satisfactory to the Officers and Directors in such amount as they may deem sufficient for the faithful performance of his duties as Secretary-Treasurer of the club, and shall keep the funds of the club in a bank designated by the Officers and Directors. He shall submit a brief account of receipts and expenditures at each business meeting and detail account at each annual meeting, and shall furnish the Officers and Directors from time to time such information relative to the funds of the club as they may require.

Section 3. The Officers and Directors shall manage the general affairs of the club, subject to such instructions and limitations as from time to time may be prescribed by the club. They shall control and manage the property of the club and enforce obedience to its rules. All expenditures and contracts shall be made by them; but they shall not have the power, without express authority from the club, to make it liable for any debt exceeding one-half (1/2) of the sum which at the time contracting, is on hand in cash, and not subject to prior liabilities. They shall meet at the call of the President, by notice of the Secretary-Treasurer, or upon written request of three or more Officers or Directors. One-half (1/2) of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

Section 4. If a duly elected Board Member or Officer fails to attend three (3) consecutive Board meetings, said member may be removed from the position of Board Member and a replacement named by a simple majority vote of the Board Members at the next board meeting.



Section 1. The President, immediately after assuming office shall appoint persons or committee to perform house, membership, program and publicity, auditing or other tasks deemed necessary to the successful operation of the club. The auditing person or committee, at least once a year, on a date selected by the Officers and Directors, shall audit the accounts, records and vouchers of the Secretary-Treasurer, and report their findings in writing to the Officers and Directors.



Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the procedure at meetings of the club insofar as they may be consistent with the Charter and By-laws.



These by-laws may be changed at any business meeting of the club upon the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of those present and voting, provided that notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given in writing to all club members fifteen days before date of said meeting.

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